what's your nonprofit mission?

how are you seeking to make the world a better place? 

After you file the articles of incorporation to form a nonprofit, you're off to the races. but, keep in mind, a nonprofit corporation lives and dies by it's board;Which simply means that the composition of the board of directors and how successfully they fulfill their roles and responsibilities are essential to the success of a nonprofit corporation.This is why carefully drafted bylaws are important when starting a nonprofit.


The bylaws of a nonprofit are the most important document that will detail, not only the board and how it will govern, but also any membership and other administrative rules of the nonprofit. Drafting bylaws suitable to your specific nonprofit mission is an integral component of forming your own organization to “do good” in the world. Carefully written bylaws help eliminate gray areas in nonprofit governance, are essential to providing a mechanism for resolving disagreements in decision-making, and to achieving your nonprofit purpose.



Board Development

Let us help you create a strong board by building nonprofit board expertise with board development technical trainings. Learn about strategic planning, team-building, and other mechanisms to help create an effective, accountable nonprofit board.


Training WOrkshops

We can design a workshop that fits the need of your nonprofit. Interested in purchasing real estate? Want to understand how to adhere to record keeping requirements for your nonprofit meetings? Any issues your nonprofit may have, we can create a training workshop that meets your how-to inquiries.