Here Are The 8 Musts:

1. Build a board that enforces accountability and proper management. Boards need to be held accountable for their performance and provide proper leadership to their organization. 

2. Focus on the Mission of the organization and the people that the organization would serve and stay mission driven.

3. Determine the responsibilities and the legal duties of the board and make sure your board is a manageable size. 

4. Time management. This means managing the time spent in meetings properly. Plan your meeting and allocate time accordingly so that the meeting runs smoothly and efficiently. 

5. To ensure participation of all members determine the role and responsibility of each member, so everyone is held accountable for something. Distributing tasks to each member will allow them to have a key role.

6. Keep each meeting consistent. Consistency is key to avoid disorganization and mismanagement of the board meetings time.

7. Outline the mission and basic responsibilities of the organization in the meeting. Hone in on the purpose of the board and uplift its mission. 

8. Board Self Evaluation. Allowing the board to evaluate itself creates a formal process that demands ethical and legal integrity. Board self evaluation is another way to keep the publics trust.