Technology has taken over and become the entrée into a variety of industries, including fashion. This blog highlights a recent interview with Alain Beltran, founder of the Miami-based website and app Fashje. Beltran combined fashion and technology into an exciting endeavor that seeks to change the way members of the fashion community communicate and gain exposure. We were able to catch up with Alain before his move to New York, and excerpts from the interview are below:

1.)   What is your educational background?

Alain Beltran: I graduated from Florida State University, with Bachelor’s degree in Finance. I grew up wanting to be a fighter pilot, and also had a love for urban planning & engineering.

2.)   How did you come up with your idea for the app Fashje?

AB: I thought the fashion world was missing the eyes and ears of the common fashion person. There are not any avenues to date where fashion lovers could come and share, network, and socialize without being flooded with other topics. So, I told myself why not give the fashion community a place to meet. Fashje is going to provide an unknown designer, stylist, blogger, collector, model, etc. a platform to get exposure.

3.)   What value does your app create for your customers/users?

AB: The value Fashje creates for users and customers are:

  • Gives a platform to grow a fashion business.

  • Ability to truly interact with other fashion enthusiasts.

  • Provides the opportunity to create a Startup fashion blog.

  • Create an online clothing business without purchasing a website.

  • Exposure

4.)   What advice would you give other startup founders?

AB: I am going to keep it simple! Get comfortable with the unknown, know the startup hierarchy by having an understanding of the process of being a startup, and most importantly, FIND balance.

5.)   What has been the hardest part of being startup founder?

AB: The hardest part of being part of a start up is doubting your ability. You constantly question yourself. Will this work? Is this a good idea or is this idea worth the time? At times being a part of a startup is all a mental game. You just have to fight your way through it, all while being stubborn with the process.

6.)   What is your vision for Fashje in the future?

AB: My vision for Fashje is being the source of information, networking, and creating a “meet up” for the people that want to be part of the fashion industry.

Check out Alain’s site or download the app in the Apple or Android store, and be part of this expanding community. For any advertising, sponsor, collaborate effort please reach out to him at



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